Our Land

Sitting on a rock, I gaze out in awe of ‘our land’. The rolling hills rising and falling like waves in the water frozen in a perfect moment. The greens and browns of the tundra with the greys of the rocks put together in a beautiful collage by mother nature. The water flows between the hills, cradled by the land, moving left and right, over and around the rocks as if it were dancing to the gentle sound of music. The sun’s light bounces off of it like a mirror broken into a thousand pieces and swept into a gentle curve along the ground. Eyes closed, I tilt my head up to the sun and feel it’s rays on my skin warming me like a blanket. A gentle breeze carries the fragrance of the tundra to my nose, the sweet smell of the flowers around me, the perfume of ‘our land’. The sound of snow buntings chirping back and forth to each other before they fly off, twisting and turning in the air like children at play. I stand up, the soft tundra under my feet like pillows. I take a deep breath and gaze out in awe of ‘our land’.